Visit to Pare (English Village) Part 1

By Sitty Amelia - 23.42.00

Hello guy's, to night i will tell about my impression when i have been coming to the pare. In the last post, i have told your wanna studying  for Toelf at Pare, and today i writing my blog at Pare. I will tell you now with the english because i want to practice my english lessons already got here, and if i have wrong with my article language just so sorry. lets start !!

Before going to Pare, i have stay in Jakarta for a couple weeks in my sister apartment with my mom and i think don't go with train coz it's a long trip  for me (12 hour). I should have flight at 4.10 am but very annoyed, my flight have flied 30 minute later. When you look a website of english village at pare, still a travel package for pick up for going to Pare and i have reserve too, did you know ? my mother so worried  if i go alone. I don't know how much kilos distance to Pare from Juanda airport but i have read at site we have three hours with the car (no traffic jam), and i think it's so far. I leave from airport at 9.00 am and arrive in pare at 00.30 pm, coz the travel have waiting other person wanna go to Pare, waiting is so bored !!.

Arrive in Pare, i saw a familiar situation as Pengambiran (one of region in Padang) i think hahaha. along the way i saw many courses and camp don't only english courses but there also arab courses, math courses, TPA courses, Korean courses and etc courses, should name of this place is "Courses Village" i think. A transportation of student here is bicycle, have many place to borrow a bicycle for one week or two week or one mount like me. Think about food, there's many cafe and restaurant here but you still select correctly adjust your taste. 

I think that all for first, and i will continue soon because i can't write so long it's so difficult for me. I hope the next article could have been better and longer. thank u... :3

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